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Organic Fruits and Genuine Spirit

Frist Class apartments and In-house Distillery

"New, modern apartments in the center of Mayrhofen, with a private in-house distillery...", this must become a perfect holiday! We are pleased to invite all our guests in our distillery, named "Stiefelscherm". There we are pleased to introduce, interested guests, in the art of traditional Zillertal Schnaps destillation.

Schnaps tasting and visitation:

"As speech is silver, and tasting is golden", some first class spirits and liqueur products are ready to be tasted. You will experience and understand, that "Schnpas, can be way different from Schnaps". On enquiry we even can heat the oven and to a "Live tastin", where you enjoy the most fresh spirits you have ever had (recommended "british weather" activity ...).

On-site sale:

A memory to a beautiful holiday, or a gift for the friends and familys at home ..., a fine bottle of original, crystal-clear spirit/liqueur from Zillertal, is always a very personal, decent present (of course, you may make a present to yourself as well).

  • Malus Topaz: one of the best European organic apple brands
  • perfect quanitiy of healty apples
  • Best organic fruits: organic faming on its highest level
  • Topaz in its fith year
  • Fall: perfect time for hiking, fresh air and harvesting apples
  • responbile for soil maintenance: our "sausi" and his hens
  • truely a paradies for them, and we are very happy to provid it
  • daily fresh eggs for our guests in the welcome area
  • it is not (only) about luck, we constantly learn and develop our knowledge
  • Distillery "Stieferlscherm": production of high-quality spirits
  • Genuine spiris, produced from 100% organic fruits of our own fruit garden

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April 2020

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