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"Apart Central wants to do improvement all along. Cause nothing is as old as yesterday's success."

The scale for all activities of the Apart Central team is your satisfaction. For a continuously improvement, we need you - your input, your ideas, your wishes - just your thoughts.

Right now we want to thank our guests for their superior evaluation. None the less we guarantee, that Apart Central and its team is further on struggling to perform on this high level of quality.

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  • Chalet Royal: 8 bedrooms, max. 16 people
  • Opal Ost: 1-2 bedrooms, 4 people
  • Opal West: 1-2 bedrooms, 4 people
  • Crystal: 2-3 bedrooms, 6 people
  • Diamond: bedrooms, 6 people
  • Smaragd: bedrooms, 7 people
  • Rubin: 4 bedrooms, 9 people
  • Saphir: 3-4 bedrooms, 10 people

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February 2020

"Absolutely fantastic penthouse apartment in a brilliant location, right next to the Penkenbahn station. Close to the town and nightlife, but not so close it was ever noisy. The flat was clean and stylish and we made great use of the sauna and the pool table..."