For the whole world


Wir tragen Verantwortung

Home to the world

For us this is an honest commitment to understanding and accepting human diversity, as well as holistic responsibility towards our nature. We are grateful to be able to host people from all over the world. We hope that at this place, everyone considers themselves as equals. Hosts, guests, and staff interact with respect and on an equal footing.

Our nature is beautiful. There is no need for lip service, opaque labels, and commercial greenwashing projects. We believe that applying common sense is entirely sufficient.


Please turn off the lights when you leave the apartment. It not only saves energy but also reduces the risk of fire. Thank you!


The best spring water comes directly from the tap. You don't have to buy still water in the Zillertal.

Room climate

Ventilating for 5 - 10 minutes works wonders. In summer in the morning or evening. In winter it always works perfectly.

Too cold?

Please let us know. We can adjust everything in the electronics. Please make sure not to keep the windows open permanently. Otherwise, the system may think it's too warm.

Too warm?

Please let us know. Comfortable temperature is a personal feeling. Please keep the windows closed during the daytime in summer. Our building insulation works perfectly in both winter and summer.


Please support us. We appreciate your efforts and say "thank you".


and be friendly. 100% key to a beautiful holiday.


belongs in the trash can, not on the ground, in the garden, etc. Thank you for being a role model.

"Have fun", but

please respect our facilities and the nighttime in respect to other guests. We hope everybody can enjoy a fantastic time.


We love diversity and respect your culture. We appreciate direct conversations and enjoy learning about our guests' homelands.



The best part of my job is the opportunity to speak directly with people from all over the world. It often provides a completely different perspective. I am extremely grateful for that.