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Covid 19: Insurance, Facts and Recommendations

European Travel Insurance (ERV) expanding insurance service for Covid19

  • thinking about the needs of our guests

For multiple years, the European Travel Insurance (ERV) is a reliable partner to Apart Central - Premium Mountain&Garden and its international guests. We are pleased to announce that already for this winter season 2020/21, the ERV has updated and expanded its insurance services by multiple Covid19 risks. A detailed information sheet can be downloaded on following link, directly from the ERV website:

European Travel Insurance: Covid19 and insurance cover

Guarantee for refund of pre-payments in full

In case Apart Central is not able to fulfil its services according to the confirmation of booking (e.g. shut down of the hospitality business in March 2020), Apart Central will guarantee the refund of the provided pre-payment in full.

Already during this unpredictable shutdown in March 2020, Apart Central executed this policy, fast and unbureaucratically, which was highly appreciated by our international guest structure. Exactly those guests honored this serious and reliable acting with multiple following bookings for winter season 2020/21 and raised our already excellent review score on all review platforms and booking channels in 2020.

For any limitation, caused by 3rd parties (e.g. foreign countries, airlines, etc.) Apart Central is not able to cover liabilities. The cancellation policy according to the confirmation of booking applies. Apart Central recommends getting in touch with ERV to insurance some possible risks, as well as getting in touch with the insurance agent of your trust.

Apart Central - Premium Mountain&Garden will not defeat Covid19, but what we can do is, keep going and doing our good job further on, as usual. We are lucky to lock back on great restart of our business in summer 2020. Now we want to progress this performance and looking forward to providing multiple wonderful winter holidays in 2020/21 to our international guests.

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