means a lot to us, but not everything


appreciation, motivation, benefit

Reviews? This is what you should know.

Most guests who visit our website already know our reviews or have even found us through them. Therefore, here less about that and more about the benefit for you as a guest, the correct interpretation, and the significance for us as a business. Reviews are our daily bread, and we greatly appreciate every honest review. We also see it as appreciation to take the effort to share experiences. Guests who show this commitment deserve our thanks!


It becomes apparent which company is able to keep its promises.

Read several

reviews (both positive and negative) and form an overall impression.

Right decision

Reviews help you objectively make the better vacation decision.

Negative reviews

are read 10 times more often than positive ones. However, please always read our response to them as well.

Positive reviews

We are delighted and they are a great motivation for our entire team.


to learn, improve and make the right decisions for investments (buildings, furnishings, etc.).

Prejudice 1

Some guests are afraid that a positive review will lead to rising prices. Guests who fit us, feel comfortable, and engage with us will be at an advantage.


We've encountered this already. The most common topics are cancellation fees and property damage. It's pointless, we treat all guests equally and fairly (Home to the World).


Reflecting on the vacation and then writing a brief review. Thank you, we see this effort as appreciation and are happy to take note of it.


No, we don't forget. Guests who fit with us, feel comfortable, and engage with us deserve our preferred attention. More for more, and that's fair. Completely in line with our philosophy.

Prejudice 2

There are no gifts, vouchers, or other rewards for (positively) reviewing a stay. We only wish for your honest opinion.

How to review?

Please review us on Google and/or Tripadvisor.


We love Airbnb for the opportunity to also be able to review guests. This gives responsible travelers the chance to receive benefits.

NEW on

Hosts can also rate guests (report misconduct, etc.) but get informed about good behaviour. Respectable travelers can enjoy better rates and offers. Well done!

Pressure tactics?

Reviews are not a means of pressure for us. You will achieve the most with us through respect and friendliness. The key to a lovely vacation!

Most favourite review 2024

Just back from a great week in Mayrhofen with friends on a ski holiday. I can’t recommend this place enough. From the minute we arrived Martin our host was responsive, incredibly polite and informative. He spoke very good English which obviously helped us as we speak no Austrian/German ! The accommodation is superb, spacious, modern and very clean. We had a fantastic outdoor area with a heater and used the private Sauna in our apartment every night. Mayrhofen is a lovely and quaint town which is very clean with spectacular scenery. Great restaurant choice too but book as they can be busy. 5 Star accommodation in an incredibly central but quiet location.

Paul H. on Tripadvisor, March 2024



When we started renting out a few private rooms in 2007, "reviews" in tourism were still almost uncharted territory. Back then, in touristically good locations, one mostly found the worst quality. It didn't matter whether the guests were satisfied - new ones would come next year. We understood the importance of creating a good offer with dedication in prime locations and fulfilling expectations/promises. That's what made us successful. Reviews were and remain an integral part. Without them and all the dedicated guests who review us, we wouldn't be where we are, thank you!