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Your hosts

Unikate, mit Ecken und Kanten

Your hosts and a lively history

It all began in the 1950s with the construction of a small farmhouse offering private room rentals. However, for family reasons, both the rental business and agricultural activities were discontinued in the 1990s. Several years passed until the sale of the property seemed inevitable in the 2000s. Youthful carelessness and a loan gave the story a rather interesting turn in 2007. In typical Tyrolean fashion: "Oft is aufgongen" loosely translated as "then it took off..."


Feeling of departure. It starts with an old farmhouse, a little below zero.


Old but clean. Initial earnings and satisfied guests make small renovations possible.


The first major renovation: "Apart Central" comes to life.


Our premium fruit is refined on-site. The distillery "Stiefelscherm" goes into operation.


Our apartments are very popular. This leads to the second major expansion: 4 additional premium apartments, a reception area, an office, and modern utility rooms are created.


In the basement of Chalet Royal, a private spa is created with considerable effort. Highlights include the private sauna, the whirlpool with satellite TV, and the 1000-star sky in the relaxation area.


We receive our first major awards: Best-rated Apartment Hotel in Tyrol (Holidaycheck).


The future: Extensive investments in IT, security, and fiber-optic connectivity.


Draft on the drawing board: "Premium Mountain & Garden."


Brand design: 95% money wasted (we chalk it up to a learning experience) and a lot of time wasted.


Change of direction: Trusting in one's own competence and collaborating with new business partners proves to be absolutely right.


Redevelopment of the forecourt and brand relaunch: Apart Central · "Premium Mountain & Garden".



I live from, and not, for my work. That's why I can be also there for my family and recharge to consistently deliver good performance in my profession as host. Sports give me great balance and act as the physical and mental glue for everything, because cracks always appear.